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Stoney Creek Oil

Flaxseed Oil and Meal, Safflower Oil

Address: 145 Davies Road, Talbot, VIC, 3371
Contact: Denise Wilson
Phone: 1300 352 948
Fax: (03) 5463 2553
Certifier: NASAA

Stoney Creek is recognised as a market leader for freshness and purity of certified organic oilseed products. Stoney Creek's small batch, cold-pressing methodology ensures that you receive the freshest oils possible - unrefined, without any chemicals additives or preservatives. 'Cold Pressing' is the term given to the process of mechanically separating oil from the seed by application of pressure only, without the addition of heat or chemicals. This method retains the natural structure of the oil, with all its natural characteristics.

Stoney Creek produces the following organic oils:

Organic Brown Flaxseed Oil
Organic Golden Flaxseed Oil
Organic Safflower Oil

Flaxseed oil is the richest source of Omega 3 (Alpha Linolenic Acid), and is therefore much sought-after as a popular dietary supplement, particularly in Western Style diets, which are deficient in this essential fatty acid. Flaxseed oil is added to foods such as rice, vegetable and pasta dishes, salads, cereals, soups, yoghurt and tofu, milk and soy drinks and fruit smoothies.

Stoney Creek produces the following organic Flaxseed Meal and Flour products:

Organic Brown Flaxseed Flour
Organic Golden Flaxseed Flour
Organic Brown Flaxseed Meal
Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal

Flaxseed meal is rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, protein (and lignans - which the body converts into beneficial phyto-oestrogens). It can be added to almost any food - eg sprinkled over breakfast cereals, natural yoghurt and fruit, mixed into drinks, or used in fruit loaves, health bars, cakes and bread. Flaxseed meal provides a very palatable and nutritious alternative to bran or psyllium products.


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