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All natural alkaline drinking water pH 9-10

Address: PO Box 158 Balmain, NSW, 2041
Certifier: Not a certified organic product

The finest high pH infused drinking water available today.

In the past few years, the profitable bottled water industry has created an onslaught of beverage manufacturers claiming to have water with amazing health benefits. Most notably have been ionic water purification systems and filtered water products.

Alka Products, Inc. took the initiative to conduct exhaustive research and testing to develop the best all natural purification systems available. Our proprietary filtration and ionic calcium infusion creates the cleanest and highest pH water on the market. Further more, unlike other high pH waters that loose their pH after bottling, our high pH of 9-10 is maintained from the time of bottling until the time you drink it!

Health Benefits

Alka Power delivers incredible hydration and detoxification with our natural 9-10 pH . Our patented process delivers superior quality that maximizes your health benefit beyond traditional advertised energy and health drinks on the market. Nutritionists tell us that a well balanced and healthy diet is essential for good long term health. Drinking healthy amounts of water is equally important by keeping  our bodies well hydrated throughout the day.

The fact is, we consume large amounts of sugar, simple carbohydrates, and high protein foods, such as processed cheese, meats etc. Most of these foods are acid forming and can cause over-acidification in our bodies. When combined with inadequate hydration, we further compromise our body’s fluids and ultimately lead to even higher acid levels in our body.

What happens if my pH is acidic or low?

Symptoms of a pH imbalance can lead to many problems. A healthy pH balanced diet is recommended but adding Alka Power to your daily routine can help reduce and reverse the acidity in your body even more.

What is pH Water?

We measure the acidity/alkalinity in our bodies and the food we consume by their pH level. All food we ingest influences our body‘s pH level. By consuming acid forming foods, our body is continuously fighting to neutralize the excessive acid to retain a normal pH balance. Our bodies need alkaline pH for good health. Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created an All Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline water that produces a stable 9-10 pH. Our patented filtration and infused calcium system delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline water that tastes great while it hydrates better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.

Completely Safe to Drink

It contains no harmful ingredients, calories or preservatives. Just great all natural water that is specially infused to have a highest, most stable pH level available.



  • Harris Farm Markets
  • Thomas Dux Grocer
  • Norton Street Grocer
  • Thr1ve café
  • Eco Farms
  • Food Lovers Markets
  • Foodies Organic
  • Summerhill Organic Fruit Market
  • QE Foodstores


  • Prahran Health Foods
  • Thomas Dux


  • Wray Organics
  • Flannerys Natural & Organic Supermarket

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