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Conventional perfume contains toxins, petrochemicals and ingredients that have been grown with pesticides. They can cause allergies, headaches, rashes and nausea and these ingredients are absorbed directly into the blood stream when sprayed directly onto the skin.

Natural and organic perfume is not tested on animals and is made with all natural ingredients like essential oils and natural plant extracts. They do not cause skin irritation and can be used by those with chemical sensitivity. 
The Australian Organic Directory lists companies who sell only the best cruelty free, natural and organic botanical fragrances, artisan botanical solid perfumes, essential oils, Eau de Parfum and deodorant for men and women.

  • Circle of Life Botanicals

    Natural and organic botanical fragrances
    19 Golden Penda Place, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482
    Certifier: Use certified organic ingredients
  • Florame

    Organic Essential Oils, Skin Care and Home Products
    Unit 5, 281 Pacific Highway, North Sydney, NSW 2060
    Certifier: EcoCert
  • Jasmin Organics

    Organic Skincare, Essential Oils and Body Care Oils
    No 197 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain, QLD 4272
    Certifier: OFC, USDA
  • Lhami Skincare

    Organic and natural skincare
    19 Longview Close, Wamberal, NSW 2260
    Certifier: Use certified organic ingredients
  • Pacific Perfumes

    Artisan Botanical Solid Perfumes, Cruelty Free Body, Hair and Perfume Oils
    PO Box 9166 Wellington, NZ,
    Certifier: EcoCert/Sustainable Rainforest Alliance Wooden Pots
  • Beauty Juice

    Organic & 100% Natural Perfume
  • One Seed Company

    Handcrafted botanical perfume
    PO Box 7354 West Lakes, SA, 5021
  • Pure Balance

    Artisan handcrafted botanical fragrances
  • Van Der Faun

    Certified Organic Eau de Parfum
  • Wild Earth Products

    Deodorant range for men and women
    PO Box 3346 Asquith, NSW, 2077