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Magnesium is a vital mineral for a variety of metabolic functions, proper electrolyte balance, and the healthy growth and function of nerves, muscles and bones. Most people are deficient in magnesium without knowing it because of poor soil quality and a high intake of refined foods.

The benefits of taking a magnesium supplements, whether transdermally or internally, include reducing aches, pains, headaches, cramps, tension, arthritis, injuries and soreness after exercise. Using magnesium body scrub or oil on the body can help to decrease scarring, varicose veins, sore muscles, eczema, dry skin and cellulite.

On The Australian Organic & Natural Directory you can find suppliers of high-quality organic magnesium products like magnesium bath soaks, magnesium body scrubs, magnesium oils, natural magnesium chloride skin care products and other ranges of magnesium rich products which meet the strict Australian manufacturing regulations.

  • Amazing Oils

    Organic Magnesium products
  • Caim & Able

    Magnesium bath soaks, scrubs and oils
  • Elektra Magnesium

    Natural Magnesium Chloride Skin Care Products
    PO Box 1347 Nerang, QLD, 4211
  • MgBody

    Range of Magnesium rich products
    PO Box 280 Isle of Capri, QLD, 4217