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Six to eight glasses of pure water per day is the ideal for optimal health and to avoid symptoms of dehydration such as thirst, dry skin and fatigue. The problem with tap water is that it is contaminated with heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria and other pollutants.

Water that has been properly filtered removes up to 80% of contaminants and is softer to drink. Pure mountain spring water that has been tested for safety is the healthiest water you can drink because it is in its pure, natural, living state and is packed with minerals.

The Australian Organic Directory lists a variety of companies providing natural alkaline drinking water, mineralised water, herbal water, ground water from New Zealand, natural water from the Mangrove Mountains, Tasmanian spring water, water filters for travel, water purifiers, filter water bottles and water filtration systems.

  • Alkapower

    All natural alkaline drinking water pH 9-10
    PO Box 158 Balmain, NSW, 2041
    Certifier: Not a certified organic product
  • Aqui Live

    Premium mineral water
    South, Melbourne, VIC 3205
    Certifier: Natural product
  • Cleanwater Kits

    Water Filters for travel or for use at home
    9 Vincent Street, Canterbury, NSW 2193
    Certifier: Natural product
  • Ecobud

    Water purifiers, filter water bottles, water filtration systems
    Suite 46, 1b-47 Park Road, Milton, QLD 4064
    Certifier: Natural product
  • Alpha Springwater

    Natural water from the Mangrove Mountains
    PO Box 215 Leichhardt, NSW, 2040
  • Antipodes Water Company

    High quality ground water from New Zealand
    106 Lewis Road, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ 7000
  • Ecana International

    High Alkaline Water, Veggie wash, cleaning products, pet products and body care products
    17/386 Wanneroo Road, Westminster, Perth, WA 6000
  • EVALife Water

    Mineralised Water
    245 Sunshine Road, Tottenham, VIC 3012
  • Global Chainder

    Ayala Organic Herbal Water
    PO Box 4258 Belwyn East, VIC,
  • Latitude 40

    Organic Tasmanian spring water
    Level 1/110 Balmain Street, Richmond, VIC 3121
  • Noble Beverages

    Pureau Pure Water
    28 Anne Street, St Mary's, NSW 2760
  • OptiLife

    Water purification systems
  • Saka Water

    Natural Alkaline drinking water pH 8-22
    30 Fabio Court, Campbellfield, VIC 3061
  • Snowy Mountain Bottlers

    Natural spring water, pure and untouched
    1c Bell Street, Preston, VIC 3172
  • Wet Fix Natural Spring Water

    Mountain Dew natural spring water
    25 Christensen Road, Stapylton, QLD 4207