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Aqui Live

Premium mineral water

Address: South, Melbourne, VIC, 3205
Contact: Dayle Purcell
Phone: 0488 000 537
Certifier: Natural product

Aqui-Live is a premium mineral water that comes from an Aquifer called the Paleolithic Basement, situated 900 meters deep on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The Hydrologists at Southern Rural Water, have told us they estimate this pre-historic water catchment to be 600 million years old.

The Basement is a vast body of water, stretching from Flinders all the way under Port Phillip Bay across to Bacchus Marsh. This ancient Aquifer has cradled water deep in the earth for millenniums, creating living water, which resonates with the Earth’s energy.

Aqui-Lives electrical conductivity is 1700 mica Siemens per centimeter, which is also the electrical frequency the human brain operates at. Practitioners of Kinesiology, say the water literally hums in their hands.

Aqui-Live rises naturally through the earth, taking more than 2,000 years to reach the surface. Utilizing only the earth’s pressure to make this remarkable journey, Aqui-Live is harvested at the surface, without the use of bores or drills. It is considered living water and is therefore handled with the utmost care to retain its natural life-giving minerals. As a result, Aqui-Live has the essential mineral content to restore & retain the very building blocks of health and hydration.

Aqui-Live is just as nature intended. It not only boosts the body’s ability to achieve optimum levels of hydration, Aqui-Live also supports the body’s natural functions and promotes wellness by naturally replenishing essential minerals.
Aqui-Live’s mineral content is truly incredible; its mineral balance heals, invigorates, repairs and provides more effective hydration than any other water.

Besides the mineral balance, Aqui-Live has 4 key attributes that set it apart from other mineral water:

  • Aqui-Live’s natural alkalinity, with a pH of 8.3 which is created naturally from the ionic alkaline minerals within the water
  • Aqui-Live’s incredibly high magnesium content, 92 mg/l, is amongst the best of any natural mineral water brands in the world
  • Aqui-Live’s magnesium to calcium ratio, 92/64 mg/l, which is very beneficial to your health – as most people get too much calcium and not enough magnesium. This ratio is also very rare amongst mineral waters.

Aqui-Live’s purity, as measured by Nitrates, is only 0.008 mg/l. To put this in perspective: Melbourne tap water is about  1.3 to 1.4 mg/l, while anything above 4 mg/l is considered compromised or toxic water. This means that Aqui-Live is more pure than any other mineral water on the market.

Our 3 distinct packaging options offer different drinking experiences for different uses:

  • The 750 ml glass bottle designed to be used for table settings or for consumers who prefer to store water in glass bottles.
  • The 475ml pouch designed for active people who are on the go, who value the benefits of high quality alkaline mineral water and who care for the environment.
  • The 10 litre cask, designed as a hydration station for at home or in the workplace. The pouch is designed to be refilled using the cask.

Aqui-Live’s incredible mineral balance, together with its unique packaging provides the Australian health market with a truly authentic healthy mineral water.