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Burragumbilli Organic Lager
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Premium Organic Lager

Address: Retail outlets, listed on website, ALL STATES,
Contact: Chris Gordon
Phone: (02)4977 2683
Fax: (02)4977 3686
Certifier: ACO
Email: chris@koalabeer.com.au
Web: www.koalabeer.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Burragumbilli.Wilde.Organic.Beer

Burragumbilli certified organic beer – pure, natural taste. Burragumbilli preservative free organic beer is naturally brewed - all of the ingredients are certified organic and it is made without added sugar. Natural beer uses barley grain that has been partially germinated to convert its starches into soluble sugars. This process is called “malting”. The malted barley is then fermented with yeast to produce alcohol, carbon dioxide bubbles and an array of interesting flavours, aroma, colour and what is commonly called mouthfeel.

The secret of Burragumbilli's organic lager's full-bodied flavour is the magic within the clean fresh ingredients used in our special recipe. Premium certified organic malted barley, matured in healthy rich organic soils, quenched by pure rainwater, compliment the quality certified organic hops refreshed by cool mountain springs.

Authentic natural brewing methods are enhanced by the non-genetically-modified yeast cultures, NO ADDED SUGAR, NO Preservatives.This distinctive certified organic Australian lager's fine flavours combined with a refreshing surf-like foamy head provide palette perfect satisfaction to compliment your healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy Burragumbilli - Naturally better beer: Pure ingredients, pure style, pure taste!