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Maqui Berry Benefits
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Certified Organic Maqui Berry Benefits

Organic Maqui Berry

Address: PO Box 968 Gosford, NSW, 2250
Contact: Peter Connelly
Phone: 0427 454 400
Certifier: ACO
Email: peter@greenecoliving.com.au
Web: www.maquiberrybenefits.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/organicmaquiberry

The Maqui berry is only a fairly recent discovery which has created a tremendous amount of interest within the health food industry. These little purple berries are the ones that have amazed researchers with their potency. Certified Organic Maqui berries have been scientifically tested and proven to contain the highest amount of anti-aging antioxidants of any known fruit or vegetable on the market.

According to numerous studies; the potential health benefits of Maqui berries are enormous. Never before have we seen a food contain such a high concentration of antioxidants and offer such a great potential to promote a healthy body for people of all ages.

Here are three key differences between our Maqui berries and others on the market. Compare other brands and check that they:

Contain a probiotic
Are 100% certified organic
Are grown in Southern Chile

If they don’t measure up your probably wasting your money and are not getting the true potential of this product

What makes our company different to other suppliers?

  • We will only sell the highest quality products from our trusted suppliers
  • If our supply runs out we will NEVER EVER substitute an inferior product in its place just to maintain sales
  • Never will we substitute a cheaper product to increase profit margins
  • We only sell and endorse products that we trust and consume ourselves
  • We will only sell premium quality products – there are too many people selling poor quality products. Selling anything just to create a sale reduces a supplier’s credibility.
  • We only base our claims on facts - unlike others who make misleading or outlandish claims
  • Our pricing includes postage to anywhere in Australia
  • We do not supply orders outside of Australia
  • If you prefer to order offline please contact us to arrangement other payment options

Visit our website to find out lots more information about our Certified Organic Maqui Berry.

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