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Superfoods for Kidz

Vitamins and superfood products for children

Address: PO Box 842 Currumbin, QLD, 4223
Contact: Vanessa Nixon
Phone: (07) 5534 2510
Fax: (07) 5534 2520
Certifier: OFC

Superfoods for Kidz® is the newest range of products from Nutra Organics, an Australian family run business helping women, their families and the community lead healthy, energetic and fulfilling lives.

Australian children aren’t getting all the nutrients they needs from fresh, raw, wholesome and ESSENTIAL fruits and vegetables. What they ARE getting is fat and unhealthy...from processed foods, sugary drinks, fast foods and busy lifestyles that promote eating whatever’s around on the run.


We know how tough it is to ensure our kids eat all the recommended serves of fruits and veggies – every day.  We’ve been through the nagging, and pleading, and bribing to get our kids to eat enough of the foods that are good for them.  And we know what the long term and short term mental and physical health risks are for children who don’t eat enough fruit and veggies.

We have designed Superfoods for Kidz® to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Our Superfood formulations are:

  • Berry Choc Chunk for energy, brain food and growing bones - an awesome super healthy alternative to commercial chocolate drinks
  • C Berry Blast is a naturally derived high Vitamin C – great for immunity, contains 4 of the world’s highest Vitamin C sources Camu Camu, Gubinge Powder, Rosehips and Seabuckthorn
  • Vital Veggie Powder 4 Superfoods, 4 veggies, fruit and fibre - easily the quickest way to get a vegetable boost into your kids and they will never know
  • Berry Choc Chunk Lunchbox bars - finally, a chocolate bar you can feel good about! It’s so seriously delicious, your kids will never guess its packed with Phytonutrients, Bioflavanoids, Omega’s, Magnesium, Iron, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and other good-for-you stuff! It’s Organic, Raw, Gluten, Soy, Nut and Dairy free, Low G.I, No processed sugars, No artificial colours or Flavours. Superfoods for Kidz are also offering their Lunchbox bars as a healthy fundraising alternative to schools and other organisations.

Whether your kids are fussy eaters, or it’s just hard to ensure they get all the goodness of a variety of fresh fruits and veggies every single day, Superfoods for Kidz® can help!

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