Counter Culture, probiotic solution cleaning range
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Counter Culture

Probiotic solution cleaning range

Address: PO Box 7780 Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026
Contact: Jenny Pepper
Phone: (02) 8005 7997
Certifier: BFA certification No.11490

Counter Culture (formally known as Probiotic Solutions) proudly DON’T KILL 99.9% of bacteria.

That’s right. We clean the way nature has been cleaning for billions of years … with probiotics. Not all bacteria are bad and cleaning by nuking all bacteria can foster resistant bacteria, may weaken our immune system and kill off the good bacteria our environment needs.

Just like probiotic products that make your tummy healthy, we use 13 strains of probiotic cultures to sort out the bad bacteria turning every room into happy and healthy ecosystems.

Our products are plant-based and chemical free. Made from 100% organic ingredients that you know –no colours, non-GMO or artificial fragrances. We use Australian organic essential oils, so no more synthetic smells that can disrupt hormones and cause allergies.

Our probiotic cleaning tonics range:

All Purpose Organic Cleaner
Organic Air & Fabric Freshener – room deodoriser
Hand Wash  – Liquid hand soap
Body Wash  – Liquid body wash in Mandarin

Currently stocked in nationally and online at Nourished Life, Chemist Warehouse, Harris Farm and more. Visit our website to find a stockist near you.