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Herbon Natural Products

Home and personal care products

Address: 8 Kambouris Court, Corio, VIC, 3214
Contact: John Dragojlovic
Phone: (03) 5275 5010
Fax: (03) 5275 5151
Certifier: Products are not certified organic
Email: sales@herbon.com.au
Web: www.herbon.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Herbon-Natural-Products-350556265362994

Herbon was founded in 1982 (formerly knows as Puren Australia) by an industrial chemist who was actively involved in the research and development of environmentally preferable and allergy free products.

Herbon Pty Ltd is run as a family business and services the Australian market through distributors to health food outlets, supermarkets, pharmacies and food co-operatives. Herbon Pty Ltd has a warehouse and head office in Melbourne, Victoria where the products are manufactured.

Herbon Pty Ltd is recognised as being a leader in producing environmentally preferable home and personal care products market. Herbon products are deemed to have negligible risk of allergic reaction. Even the most hypersensitive people have been able to use our products without reaction because they contain no petrochemicals or artificial ingredients.

There is significant research evidence that our man-made world is creating an environment full of serious health hazards. Herbon through their range of products has developed solutions to prevent health problems.

Herbon personal and household products are:

  • Allergy Free*
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • free of petrochemicals; or artificial perfumes or animal ingredients
  • not animal tested
  • safe for septic systems
  • free from formaldehydes, terpenes, phenols, lanolin, chlorine, organic mercurial’s, balsams, aluminium complexes
  • allergy-free* and are suitable for allergy sufferers e.g. asthma, eczema, dermatitis
  • 100% natural and do not contain petroleum based products
  • free from synthetics, fluoresces, enzymes and no dyes are used
  • all liquids are phosphate free
  • all powders are chlorine free e.g. Dishwasher powder.
  • all ingredients are 100% bio-degradable within 21 days, making the products ideal for people caring for our lands and waters
  • all products are colour-free (except Rinse Aid where chlorophyll is used – obtained from plants)
  • all packaging used is recyclable
  • all products are non-toxic, non-polluting and household hygienic
  • waste water from washing machines may be used for your garden plants and trees
  • no fluorocarbons and therefore ozone-safe

Herbon is made in Australia and products can be obtained in bulk containers which are ideal for the home, workplace, offices, shops and the hospitality trade.

Herbon products are tested for irritancy and chemical sensitivity by Medical Specialists and are deemed to have negligible risk of allergic reaction.