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Linzi The Lice Fairy

Organic, Eco Friendly head lice treatment and prevention products

Address: PO Box 285 Coolum, QLD, 4573
Contact: Linzi Smith
Certifier: ECOCERT

Welcome to The Lice Fairy.  We are dedicated to head lice and how to treat them, prevent them and get them out of your life…. for good! The Lice Fairy's mission is to educate parents, teachers and care givers with "The Truth" about head lice, how they function, reproduce and live, in order to dispel all the myths and old wives tales still around. We aim to reduce the level of infestations endured by children by using eco.kid certified organic lice prevention products along with the stigma attached to having head lice by promoting a greater level of understanding of the options for detection, treatment and prevention. An eco kid is a happy kid!

Some Facts....

Head lice are brown or greyish wingless insects and are about the size of a sesame seed
Head lice are human parasites and require human blood to survive
Head lice eggs (nits) are small, greyish oval shape and sit at an angle to the side of the hair
Females can lay up to 100-150 eggs
They reproduce after 28 days and live eggs hatch in 7-10 days
Head lice live on a host for about 60 days, 30 of which can be egg laying days

And Myths.....

Head lice live in hats and classroom carpets - It is highly irregular for them to be spread through the sharing of personal articles such as hats because like any creature, head lice will not leave their food source to go to an inhospitable foreign environment
They jump from head to head - Head lice cannot hop, jump or fly. They swing and climb onto the hair and move to the scalp to feed
Head lice like clean hair best - Clean hair tends to have more fluffy flyaway’s, which are useful for the louse to use when transferring from person to person
If you see a child scratching their head they must have head lice - head lice can often make the scalp itchy but it is possible to have them without any symptoms
Only dirty people get head lice - Head lice don’t distinguish between clean and dirty hair

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Linzi The Lice Fairy
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Call Me Bubbles - Bubble Bath
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