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Reusable food pouches

Address: PO Box 835 Moffat Beach, QLD, 4551
Contact: Samantha Spunner
Phone: 0424 351 545
Certifier: Natural product

Sinchies reusable pouches are designed by Sam Spunner on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD. Working as a family day care educator Sam noticed how much the children she cared for enjoyed pouches of yoghurt and puree’s. Sam says “I thought it was such a waste to throw the pouches away after the contents had been eaten in 10 seconds flat.  I also had a little one with some food intolerances and she couldn’t enjoy the fun of these pouches like her friends and often felt left out. So I put my thinking cap on & after two years of design and research the first Sinchie reusable food pouch was born - an 80ml! My aim is to help families feed their children healthier preservative free food, to save money on their shopping bills, reduce waste and provide convenience when out and about.”

Sinchies are the award winning healthy and environmentally friendly version of the popular throw away yoghurt, smoothie, baby food and fruit crush pouches you’ve seen at the supermarket loved by kids and parents alike. With Sinchies, you’ve got the store bought convenience with healthy homemade goodness on the inside for optimum nutrition, and they can be used time and time again. Affordable, convenient, easy to use and versatile - these little pouches can save you hundreds of dollars on your shopping bill every year.

Made free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC, these clear reusable pouches give kids independence, allowing them to easily feed themselves by sucking or squeezing out their meals. Designed for easy filling and washing, the freezer and dishwasher friendly pouches also have a double zip lock top to prevent those sticky, messy leaks. Simply pour in your mix, zip it up and away you go!

Sinchies have a range of reusable pouches to suit every age, stage and need.  Their range includes:

  • 80ml pouch size (similar to the little yoghurt squeezies bought from the supermarket)
  • 140ml and 150ml size (in super cool unicorn, trucks, pineapples, monochrome droplet and other trendy designs)
  • 200ml for older children
  • 500ml and a 1 litre pouch for soup & smoothies
Sinchies also have a range of accessories and other reusable products which include:
  • Little Kid lunch kits
  • Big Kit lunch kits
  • Sandwich bags
  • Wrap bags
  • Snack bags
  • Icy Pole or Ice block pouches
  • Collapsible funnels to help with filling
  • Anti-choking lids with a cleaning brush, drying racks and recipe cards