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Thornhill Lane Biodynamics
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Thornhill Lane Biodynamics

Facial care, body care, aftershave care and baby bum balm

Address: 1 Thornhill Lane, Elphinstone, VIC, 3448
Contact: Stefania Netcu
Phone: 0419 992 415
Certifier: Ingredients certified by ACO

Thornhill Lane Biodynamics are a small family business established from the passion for truly natural remedies, while keeping everything simple.

Nothing but 100%

Our natural and organic skin-care essentials have been created with rejuvenating, nutrient-dense, antioxidant and healing properties in mind. They are blended with some of the most powerful plants nature has given us.  With no exception, each and every of our products is 100% natural and 100% organic.

Nature's awesomeness can be affordable

Purest and finest are the chief words when we make and choose our ingredients. While providing pure nourishment to the skin, our range is also affordable as we believe the best in nature doesn't have to break the bank - nature is about the love of life.

Handcrafted and home-grown

Our emphasis is on the plants and herbs we grow organically on our remote property, using what nature has got to give us: sun, rain water, pristine soil and drying winds in summer. We infuse our own herbal oils using the slow sun infusion method, over a period of minimum 12 weeks. We are proud to use the finest certified organic ingredients, not shiny labels or quirky containers. For us, packaging is all about keeping these pure ingredients intact, so we have chosen amber and frosted glass bottles and jars.

The Thornhill Lane Biodynamics range includes:

  • Facial Oil
  • Body Butter
  • Tummy Butter
  • Lip Butter
  • Baby Bum Balm
  • Aftershave Soothing Oil

Enjoy and be beautiful naturally!