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Organic cheese is a delicious addition to any meal or snack, be it a sandwich for your child’s lunch, added to your favourite pasta dish or eaten with organic crackers and wine. Cheese is packed with healthy fats and calcium and there are endless varieties and flavours to choose from.

Organic cheese is healthier than conventional cheese because it has not been exposed to synthetic pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones or antibiotics. Pasture-fed, organic cheese has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Choose from our extensive list of cheese suppliers that offer grass-fed, organic cheddar cheese, feta, haloumi, paneer, castello blue cheese, camembert, havarti, romano cheese, and a variety of others!

  • Schulz Organic Dairy

    Organic Cheese, Milk and Yoghurt
    23 Ford and Fells Road, Timboon, VIC 3268
    Certifier: ACO
  • B-D Farm Paris Creek

    Natural fruit yoghurt, cheese and flavoured milk
    PO Box 22 Meadows, SA, 5201
  • Capra Organic Goats Cheese

    Award Winning Organic Goats Cheese
    PO Box 77 Bairnsdale, VIC, 3875
  • Country Valley Milk

    Milk, yoghurt and cheese
    195 Fairleys Road, Picton, NSW 2571
  • Devondale

    Organic Cheddar cheese; block and shredded
  • Elgaar Farm

    Organic Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Cheese and Butter
    PO Box 17 Deloraine, TAS, QLD, 7304
  • Grandvewe Cheese

    Tasmanian organic sheep cheese
    59 Devlyns Road, Birchs Bay, TAS 7162
  • Holy Goat Cheese

    Organic Goats Cheese
    112 Redesdale Road, Sutton Grange, VIC 3448
  • Lemnos Foods

    Organic Feta, Haloumi, Paneer
    10 Bungaleen Court, Dandenong South, VIC 3175
  • Manassen Food

    Organic Castello Blue Cheese
  • Margaret River Organic Creameries

    Organic Milk and Feta, Camembert, Havarti, Romano, Cheddar Cheese
    PO Box 793 Busseltown, WA, 6280
  • Marrook Farm

    Pot set yoghurt, greek yoghurt, cheese and kefir
    Marrook Farms, Elands, NSW 2429
  • Meredith Dairy

    Sheep and goat milk dairy products
    Camerons Road, Meredith, VIC 3000
  • Organic Dairy Farmers

    Organic milk and cheese
    30 Albert Street, Warragul, VIC 3820
  • Summer Land Camels

    A artisan range of skincare and dairy products made from Camel Milk
    8 Charles Chauvel Drive, Harrisville, QLD 4307
  • Timboon Farmhouse Cheese

    23 Ford and Fells Road, Timboon, VIC 3268
  • True Organic

    Organic butter, cheese and milk
    PO Box 880 Warragul, VIC, 3820