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Every Bit Organic

Organic Food Oils, Cosmetic Oils and Extracts, Raw Oils

Address: PO Box 110 Doncaster, VIC, 3108
Certifier: ACO
Email: enquiries@australianorganicdirectory.com.au

 Like many new companies in the organic industry our plan is simple, Every Bit Organic aim to bring certified organic products to the people.

12 months ago Every Bit Organic decided to bring together a range of oils and extracts under one trusted brand, through this combined buying power we could bring down the price of certified organic products for everyone.

What soon became Every Bit Organic RAW, Australia’s largest range of certified organic oils and extracts, now features in over 350 health stores, organic retailers, independent supermarkets and online retail stores around Australia.

The RAW Gourmet Food range is sourced from Australian farmers and the RAW Cosmetic Skin Care range from certified organic farmers from around the world.  Both share the same common features:

Certified Organic
Cold Pressed
Australian Sourced whenever possible

In this short time, working closely with our retailers and customers we have seen a dramatic increase in education into the incredible benefits of using organic products over synthetic and mass produced brands. With this education all consumers are able to make much more astute decisions as to what to put in their families bodies. To us and those around us there is no doubt that organics are the future and we hope that over time as we continue to introduce more organic products this will become the norm, not just for people in Australia but around the world.



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