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Hemp Foods Australia

Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Seeds and Protein

Address: 2/6 Dudgeons Lane, Bangalow, NSW, 2479
Contact: Sheia Kironn
Phone: (02) 6687 1260
Fax: (02) 4210 8828
Certifier: ACO 11469
Email: sales@hempfoods.com.au
Web: www.hempfoods.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hempfoods

Hemp Foods Australia is the largest Hemp Foods Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler, and Exporter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hemp Foods Australia supply high quality certified organic Hemp Seeds, Oil, Protein and Hemp Milk Soap as well as educational books on Hemp. Our hemp seeds contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids than any other food and are the only food to contain Omega 3 & 6 in just the right amount for human bodies. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are important for energy production, healthy skin, mental health and immune function. Just one tablespoon of Hemp Seeds contains over 7,000mg of EFAs. Hemp is also a great way to get premium quality Protein into our diet. It has a complete Amino Acid profile and is the only plant to make protein from Edestin, a highly digestible and optimum form of protein. Hemp is naturally low in carbs, contains 15 times more slimming CLA than fish oil, and is a great source of cholesterol-fighting Phytosterols. It contains Antioxidants, B Viitamins, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and is the only known plant food source of Vitamin D3. Wow! What a plant.

Located in pristine Bangalow on Australia’s east coast Hemp Foods Australia’s 11,000 sq ft facility is 100% Australian Certified Organic. We employ purely mechanical, low-temperature processes for everything we do resulting in the most nutritious products possible. We are Australian owned and operated and our management have over 3 decades of combined expertise in Hemp Foods. We have worked with many companies in the food industry and welcome enquiries from businesses looking to get involved with Hemp Foods and fibre.

Disclaimer In accordance with clause 1 of the Food Standards Code 1.4.4, Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd does not sell and will not supply prohibited food products and in accordance with the Food Standards Code and NSW Food Act 2003. Our hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and hemp oil are ONLY to be purchased if you understand they may be used for external use only or exported to a country where consumption is legal. By purchasing products from us you agree to these terms.



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