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10 Dec 2018

Healthy Christmas-Themed Snacks

Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes parties, too much alcohol, desserts and unhealthy food. If you want to avoid the post-Christmas weight gain and lethargy then perhaps you can make these delicious, easy, healthy, festive snacks and serve them to your children, family and friends.

Strawberry Santa

30 large strawberries
150g of cream
5 teaspoons of xylitol
30 cacao nibs

Hull all the strawberries so they have a flat base.
Cut the top third of the strawberries off and set aside. Place the strawberry bases on a large platter.
Beat the cream and xylitol together until stiff.
Spoon about 1 teaspoon of cream onto the flat tops of the strawberry bases to form the head. Top the cream with the strawberry tops that you set aside. Add a tiny amount of cream to the tip of the strawberries for a pompom and three in front to form buttons. You can use a piping bag for this part.
Finally place two cocao nibs on the cream face to form eyes. Place the strawberry Santas in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

Watermelon Christmas Trees

1/4 fresh, ripe and juicy watermelon, cut lengthways.

Cut watermelon into triangular slices.
Use a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter and place it on each slice with the base of the tree over the watermelon rind. Push down to make the shape and then use a knife to cut away the excess watermelon until you are left with the Christmas tree shape.
This is a healthy and fun way to get children to eat more fresh fruit, and the tree “stump” makes it easy to hold.

“Grinch” Fruit Skewers

Green Grapes
Mini Marshmallows

Place a green grape on the bottom of each toothpick to symbolise the Grinch’s head.
Slice up the bananas and place a slice above the grape on the toothpick to make the white part of the Grinch’s hat.
Cut the base of the strawberry off so it is flat, and then cut the tip off the top too. Place a strawberry above the banana slice on the toothpick to make the Grinch’s red hat. Finish it off with a mini marshmallow on top of the strawberry to make the pom pom. Place it in the fridge until ready to serve.