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24 Jul 2018

The Effects of Pollution on Your Skin

The increase in air pollution is concerning for an array of environmental and health reasons, but we don’t realise that pollution is affecting the health of our skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to the elements and now we are being put at risk of pollution-based skin problems and irritation, especially if we live in a city.

Pollution particles are very small in size which allows them not only to attach to the surface of the skin, but infiltrate into the skin layers where they can cause skin-cell damage. Exposure to pollution triggers inflammation in the skin which may speed-up skin ageing and pigmentation, break down collagen in the skin, and exacerbate any skin conditions like acne or rosacea.

Air pollution is also contributing to the erosion of the ozone layer which allows more of the damaging UV rays from the sun to reach us and increase our risk for skin damage and skin cancer.

Here are 5 tips to protect your skin from the effects of air pollution.

Protect your skin from pollution-based free-radical damage by consuming antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. Eat a diet rich in brightly coloured fruit and vegetables and take an antioxidant supplement daily.

Cleanse your skin daily with a PH balanced cleanser to remove the build-up of dirt and pollutants that accumulate on the skin during the day.

Exfoliate your body regularly with an all-natural body scrub to ensure that all pollution particles are removed and the skin is moisturized and protected.

Use a natural moisturizer on your face each day to strengthen the skin barrier which protects us from pollution particles.

It is important that we apply a natural sunscreen to the face and exposed body parts daily because we are exposed to more harmful UV rays than ever before.